This season, the girls’ basketball team demonstrated an ultimate superiority over many other 

teams. Our Rams advanced throughout the season winning the CIF championship game against tough 

competitor Sotomayor 42 to 32 and then moving to the state finals. This great accomplishment could 

not have been done without the team’s very skilled players, including its shooting guard and captain 

Isabel Lizarraga. 

Isabel is a sophomore who through hard work was able to achieve the title of shooting guard 

captain. She states that her responsibilities as captain involves “boosting up their confidence and giving 

them advice on what they could do better.” During the games, she also makes sure to “control the 

tempo the game from both sides of the court.” She plays as a team leader, and the team benefits from 

her effectiveness culminating in a CIIF victory! This experience was “one of the best feelings that anyone 

could possibly have” she explains. She enjoyed “being called a champ in front of tons of people in the 

stands.” Isabel was very proud of her team because they all “went to war for each other… and were 

hungry to win.”