On Thursday, January 28, a small middle school in Annapolis, Maryland experienced a massive oil spill. Anywhere from 50 to 250 gallons of heating oil have leaked from Annapolis Middle School into a local river named Crab Creek.

            The leak was caused by a malfunctioning transfer pump in the boiler room, allowing the heating oil used by the middle school to flow through a drain and into a pump that led to Crab Creek. This leak continued for around nine hours and it is estimated that at least 50 gallons of the oil entered the stream. As soon as officials were notified, booms were placed in order to prevent any more oil from seeping into other streams. The Coast Guard became involved.

            As a result of this spill, Crab Creek became red with oil and the smell was reportedly spread across town. Sophomore Kathy Huizar stated, “this is really bad and I’m surprised more hasn’t been done about this since all spills have disastrous results.” Clean-up efforts have already began as officials have sent vacuum trucks to remove any oil from the pump that might allow more to enter the stream. The boiler room of the middle school is also being checked daily and is currently under repairs. As of now, the effects of this spill have not been reported.

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