Even before Pluto had been reclassified as not being a planet back in 2006, scientists believed there was a mysterious tenth planet out there called “Planet X.” Planet X was theorized by scientists as a tenth planet which we had yet to discover. Although “Planet X” was just a theory, scientists have finally discovered this new planet which is currently known as Planet Nine. And, though many scientists were wrong about Planet X, they had the right idea in mind.

            The newly discovered planet, Planet Nine, was discovered through mathematical modeling and computer simulations. Astrologists/Researchers on the subject, Mike Brown and his colleague Konstantin Batygin, argue that Planet Nine (which is not the same as Pluto, and also not the same as the old Planet X) should have a mass of about 10 times that of Earth, and an orbit about 20 times farther from the sun than that of Neptune. Although not yet seen, they say they will be able to detect the outlying planet sometime in the next two to eight years.  If we were to put a distance on this figure, the closest it would be to the sun is 20 billion miles away, and the farthest, 100 billion miles away. The Earth is approximately 92.96 million miles away so you can very well say this planet is very far away. Brown and Batygin have already discovered the planet’s orbit and believe it to be made up of similar materials to that of Uranus and Neptune.

            Some people are very excited about the possibility of this new planet, but others are very skeptical about its very existence. According to Forbes.com, “Knowing the orbit is not enough until the planet is found; if it exists then it should be at some position along the predicted orbit.” How do you feel about this possible planet?

“Although it does not particularly affect my existence on our terrestrial sphere, it does pique my interest regarding the outer galaxy.” –Omar Cacho

“It’s probably not even another planet.” –Stephanie Ortega

“I just hope we get actual evidence about this planet soon.” –Andrew Briceno

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