By: Ivette Alvarez and Leslyn Villalobos

Baseball is a bat and ball game played on a field with a diamond shaped circuit of four bases. Baseball is played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding. The batting team attempts to score home runs by hitting a ball that is thrown by the pitcher. When this is done, the batting team’s batter runs counter-clockwise to reach a home run.

               South Gate’s Baseball team consists of many great players including senior Daniel Gomez. Daniel has been playing baseball from the young age of five. He was introduced to baseball by his dad and uncle who taught him to play. When he got to high school he decided to continue paying and has played all four years. Daniel admits that one of his favorite and most fun thing to do during a baseball game is to “Enjoy being able to steal bases.” This ability to steal bases comes naturally to him and is no challenge. However, Daniel said that the most challenging thing during a game is “being able to stay focused after you have made a mistake because your team is counting on you to do your part and one mistake can lose the game for everyone.” In addition to this challenge, Daniel sometimes gets nervous during a game “when it comes down to the last inning of the game because at that point whatever team is prepared the most is going to win.”

               Daniel prepares for a season by practicing the whole year, not just when baseball is in season. This dedication to baseball throughput the year leaves one wondering if an athlete like Daniel has time to balance schoolwork, his social life, and baseball. Indeed Daniel said that his “first priority is always school.” He said that “I do my schoolwork any chance I get because baseball practice takes up a lot of my time.” The free time that he does manage to make is spent hanging out with friends when he has the chance. Daniel plans on playing baseball in college to get more thrills. One of these thrills came to him last year when he went up against Lincoln High and scored the first run.


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