Mountain unicycling, or Muni is, well, what it sounds like. It’s an adventure sport that consists of traversing rough terrain with a unicycle. Muni is similar to that of mountain biking however, it requires much more attention to the micro features of the short distance in front of the wheel since there’s only one wheel. When riding the unicycle, one must be in complete control, which requires continuous pedaling throughout the terrain. This, of course, cannot be done with just any unicycle. Muni uses a specific type of unicycle which is equipped with strong hubs, large tires, high grip pedals, and rugged frames. More experienced cyclist take it a bit further by equipping rim or disc brakes. The reason for this is that braked help with the gravitational force going downhill. In addition, you also need to have plenty of core strength in order to pedal and to maintain balance. Just as other sports, Muni has its own set of rules. The rules are very general like, safety gear, including helmets, knee pads, gloves, and wrist guards. Dariana Saravia a freshman here in South Gate response to this unusual sport is “What?! Really?! I would not be able to pedal up a mountain with a unicycle.”   

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