By Ashley Dominguez

Taxes are not something new. Every product we buy at the store has a tax, but why is it fair for feminine hygiene products to have taxes placed on them if only women buy them? For those who don’t know, feminine hygiene products are pads and tampons that women use during their monthly menstruations also known as their period.

               States in the U.S. place a luxury tax on items that are seen as unnecessary, and in some states sanitary products are deemed a “luxury”. There are currently 40 states in the U.S. that impose this luxury tax on sanitary products, California included. Women are outraged at the fact that they have to pay extra for something deemed a “luxury” when it’s really a monthly necessity.

               Women argue that it’s unfair for things like groceries to not have a luxury tax placed on them, when groceries can include sweets, snacks, and other unhealthy food. According to the Huffington Post, if a woman uses tampons to take care of her menstrual cycle, it will cost her an average of $2,000 a year, and this is not including the tampon tax. This is a new issue that women are bringing to the public’s knowledge. There are groups, like Cosmopolitan, working in each of the 40 states that still have the tampon tax to remove it. If you’re interested in supporting the cause, you can go the and sign a petition.

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