By Joel Garcia

  The New Year invites you to many festivities and opportunities to eat some pretty good food. But be careful, there are some foods you can actually overdose on! It may be some of the world’s “best” dip or tortillas that you can’t just get enough of, but there have been instances in which people have actually died from eating too much of the same thing.

Many people agree that too much of anything is bad, but scientifically, having too much water, for example, will kill you. Although extreme and rare, over hydrating your body can eventually cause your blood cells to swell and burst. Your body can process only so much water. Aside from simply drinking too much water, there are other ways people can die from food. Too much fish, specifically tuna, carries high levels of mercury. As a result, eating a lot of raw tuna can result in mercury poisoning. And for all those coffee lovers and Starbucks enthusiasts, turns out having an irregular intake of 70 cups of coffee can have you saying good bye to this world. As long as you don’t drink 70 cups a day you’ll be fine. What if a person tries to be healthy and have more vegetables, like carrots? Carrots are infamously known for their many stories of turning peoples’ skin orange which can happen if you have a HUGE amount of carrots in your system. The moral of this story is as long a person doesn’t try to eat or drink too much of one thing they won’t have an overdose.


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