One of the biggest drug lords, Joaquin Guzman, has finally been recaptured and arrested by the police. How were the police finally able to locate this notorious drug lord though?

            According to an article written by Mariano Castillo on the CNN website, the Mexican drug lord had quite of a crush on the famous Mexican-American actress Kate del Castillo. She was able to setup an interview with the actor Sean Penn on behalf of Rolling Stone magazine. The secret meeting took place in the Mexican jungle. Sean Penn wanted to know about Guzman’s current situation and anything else El Chapo wanted to talk about. During the interview, El Chapo bragged about supplying “more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world.”

            Mexican authorities were able to intercept the text message between Guzman and Castillo which led to finding out the location of his hideout, and inevitably, capturing him. (Below is the last group of messages sent before his capture. If you wish to see all of the messages they are available at

Below it can be assumed that El Chapo and Castillo were messaging about the upcoming interview for the Rolling Stone magazine.

31 OCTOBER 2015

3:44:16 PM.- Ermoza: a lawyer who would favor a large signing bonus if what you proposed my companion can be done, that’s him and I think back on Wednesday.

4:04:30 PM.- 1: I hear you, and if you tell me that this is better, go ahead, I have every confidence in you and what you counsel me know what is right.

4:13:20 PM.- Ermoza: thanks for the confidence, I hope that this second proposal can be done! I’m warning you.

4:19:26 PM.- 1: It’s fine. Then on Wednesday already you know something about your friend, both of the firm as it was to do with the memory that made ou get. That you tell me how it went, by fa.

4:23:31 PM.- Ermoza: Of course! If I know something before I’ll let you know, okay?

4:34:45 PM.- 1: Thanks friend. Would you come then to assist, so tell me what you like to eat to get you ready to meet my friend, the good of this world and the most beautiful. We are waiting. I love and admire you. Bye.

8:57:21 PM.- Ermoza: friend, is very important, the person will need help a number in Mexico.


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