Do your little nieces and nephews love My Little Pony? How about action figures? Well, new from Toys “R” Us, they’re going to love the Ouija Board! The Ouija Board, according to, is said to be, “One of the most powerful forms of communicating with spirits or ghosts…” The Ouija Board is universally strange in all cultures as it breeds skepticism after hearing horrifying testimonies. Here’s the strange thing: this tool of spiritual communication is now a product at Toys “R” Us.

    So why market to children? Well, the product itself varies from distributor, but the product at Toys R Us is pink, which gets the attention of children. Speculation in the business world suggests that children are living a more “reckless” life and nothing says reckless like conjuring spirits from the underworld to wreak havoc. There is no data for how many of these products have been purchased by customers, but one can imagine it is a healthy amount due to curiosity. Next time you find yourself at a Toys “R” Us, or any store that happens to sell Ouija Boards, try satisfying your curiosity and cross into the world of the dead. Have fun conjuring spirits kids!

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