By: Jessica Parada

At 30 weeks pregnant, Jade Hornsby goes to Harley Street to get a 4-D scan of her unborn daughter and is shocked when she receives her ultrasound. Two years after her grandfather’s death in 2007, she receives an ultrasound with her grandfather kissing her unborn daughter. Jade shows her ultrasound to her mother and she recognized him right away. Everyone was surprised to be able to see him in it, but also thought of him as a protector of the unborn child. Jade also states that she and her grandfather were always close and chooses to see it as a blessing. Is this a blessing? A protector? Or just a simple mistake?

Christmas Facts

1.      Iceland has 13 Santa’s including one that kidnaps children

2.      Christmas wasn’t an official holiday in America until 1870

3.      Jesus was actually born in a cave

4.      Teddy Roosevelt banned Christmas trees at the White House during that time.

5.      One of the first commercially sold artificial Christmas trees was made from toilet brushes.

6.      “Mistletoe” has a strange meaning in German, “dung on a twig”

7.      Mistletoe was once believed to be an aphrodisiac

8.      ‘Jingle Bells’ was written for Thanksgiving, not Christmas

9.      Massachusetts Puritans actually banned Christmas by law

10.   Jesus Christ wasn’t born on December 25

11.   Santa has a real postal zip code: H0H 0H0

12.   Clement Clarke Moore didn’t want ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ published

13.   The New York Knickerbockers (the writers, not the basketball team) helped create the modern American Santa.

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