By: Lizbeth Villanueva

               Do you remember that childhood cartoon many of us watched The Rugrats? Do you know the story behind it? Remember Angelica? Well the whole show was based on her evil imagination. The reason Chaz was always so nervous was because Chuckie died in 1986 along with his mother. Tommy was a still born which explains why Stu was always making toys for the child that was born dead. The Deville’s had an abortion and Angelica couldn’t know if it was a girl or boy which is why she made the twins one boy and the other girl. Angelica was an addict and obsessed over her childhood and began to make things up. Angelica’s mother died of an overdose in 1982 and made herself believe her father’s gold digging wife was her actual mother. We must all remember the doll Cynthia Angelica was so attached to, well it idolized her mother with the ugly half bald head and orange washed out dress that is why she was with that doll. Later on in Angelica’s life she fell into her mother’s steps with drugs and all that, which led her to her death at age 13, and was he reason why “All Grown Up” was cancelled.

               Dil was the only non-fiction character, when he wouldn’t follow Angelica’s orders she would hit him which caused brain hemorrhage, leading to deformation, making him an outcast in “All Grown Up” he lived as an outcast. After angelica hit Dil she began using drugs and spent her last days behind the school cafeteria ruling her imaginary characters.

               How many of us would ever imagine or have the idea of a cartoon being so dark would cross our mind? Well the theory of The Rugrats is a dark and sad story based on an actual rea life girl and her crazy mind.

-Richard Serrano (11th grade): “I think it’s sad because it was a real person’s life and people died and it was good they did a cartoon in memory.”

-Shadani Flores: (9th grade): “the theory is crazy and weird but very interesting.”


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