By Stephanie Manquero


Disneyland is well known as an enjoyable family amusement park.  Every child dreams of going there to meet their favorite Disney characters. What they don’t know about this fun amazing theme park is there have been many accidents that have even lead to death. In 1974 an 18 year by the name of Deborah Stone was killed by a Disney moving theater wall. She was a Disney tour guide showing a crowd around the show when she stepped too close to the wall and was crushed to death. It is said that you were able to hear her screams from behind the wall and she now haunts that area.  SGHS senior Summer Perales stated “this is really interesting, but also quite shocking. I had no idea about any of these accidents!”            

 In 1998, Laun Phi Dawson was killed by a metal bar from the ride Colombia as he waited in line along with his wife who only suffered injuries. “That is so painfully aweful” stated SGHS senior Lizbeth Catalan. That same year, David Fackler lost half of his foot while riding the Big Thunder Railroad. He stuck his foot out before the ride took off at full speed. “Shouldn’t the workers check every cart before the ride starts?” exclaimed SGHS junior Daisy Torres.  In 2000 Brandon Zucker was only 4-years-old when he fell off the Roger Rabbit Ride and suffered cardiac arrest and brain damaged. The ride folded him in half. He lived nine years but, died young at the age 13. “Honestly he shouldn’t have gone on the ride to begin with, or the worker should have double checked his seating.” Said shocked SGHS senior Georgina Madriles

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