By: Albert Cardenas 

            Garry Willem Voorkamp, 53, cause of death? His own vomit. Garry was driving his Caterpillar road grader when, for some reason that remains unknown, he vomited on the floor of the driver’s seat, slipped and fell under the vehicle while it was still moving. The machine was still in motion, and without a driver to pilot it, the machine was out of control and ended up rolling over Gerry’s head resulting in fatal injuries. 

Witnesses, investigators, as well as Garry’s Widow claim he was feeling unwell. Garry had been losing sleep, and had worn out his contact lenses. He had also been complaining about a migraine, however no amount of pills could contain the pain that Garry had. There seemed to be no third party involved, and the condition of the Caterpillar grader was in tip-top shape. It was all on Garry. Despite the tragic event, one can’t help but find it rather funny as one would find it odd that one’s death would come at the hands of their own vomit.


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