By: Lizbeth Villanueva

            After 20 years of Seattle’s citizen’s sticking their used gum to a markets wall, the city finally decided to be cleaned off. The so called “Gum Wall” began around 1993. Pike Place Market announced the cleaning of this wall sometime this week.  It is estimated that one-million pieces of gum was stuck to the wall. This wall is in an ally. People just began placing their used gum on it one day. Some have formed hearts, messages, and even included business cards and pictures. It became very well known, kind of like the Lock Bridge. Tourists visited and put their gum on it. One tourist named Katri Mattsson said “it was pretty gross” but also “in a way impressive”.

            Starting November 10, 2015 a contractor hired by Pike Place Market will being the process of using steam to melt off the gum.

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