By: Albert Cardenas

            If you thought couple’s arguments usually ended with a climactic verbal fight, this couple out of Dezhou, China just took things to a whole new level.

            After a husband’s wife drops his constant phone calls, the enraged husband of Ms. Yang stormed into her office, enraged, attacked her, and consequently bit off her nose and swallowed it. Following the incident, a report at a hospital in Dezhou indicated that Ms. Yang would need extensive reconstructive surgery. Her husband was quite the biter. Accordingly, the nose septum, soft triangle, and nose tip were entirely removed. It’ll take at least three months before she can have her entire nose restored. At the end of the ordeal, Ms. Yang reports that the alteration was the result of her and her husband divorcing, ultimately leading up to the constant calls that drove her husband to take a bite out of her. Relationship break ups are taking a turn for the odd.

It is unknown as to whether or not the chatty husband was arrested or not as he fled from the scene of the altercation.

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