By Michael Navia

Nobody could have predicted the horror that happened on November, Friday the 13th. As people were trying to enjoy the France vs. Germany soccer game, including French President Francois Hollande, bombs could be heard going off outside the State de France Stadium. Luckily, the suicide bomber was stopped by security, which saved many people from dying. The match was able to finish, although Hollande was quickly evacuated from the scene, hustled away by his security detail.

At the same time, less than one mile away at the Bachlan theater, four suicide bombers armed with guns entered, screaming, “This is for Syria!” and “Allahu akbar!(God is greater)” according to the New York Post. The terrorists started firing rounds of bullets randomly, then started murdering people one-by-one. The same attackers had first fired several nearby cafes, killing a few and wounding many. A statement from one of the concertgoer’s said, “We were listening to music when we thought we heard shots. A few seconds later, we were in a scene out of a war.” Many of these people described the scene as a “nightmare,” bodies were on the floor and people were panicking, scared for their lives. The group that has claimed responsibility for this attack is the notorious group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Over 129 innocent people died during these attacks.

The terrorist attack lead to a state of emergency. The borders were closed and the city placed on high alert. Searches took place all throughout Paris. Those who tried to leave were arrested if they had committed previous crimes. President Obama showed his support for France in a statement declaring that, “This is not just an attack on Paris or the people of France, it was an attack on humanity.” He also said that that the US would provide any assistance France needs, calling the country “our oldest ally.” Chinese President Xi Jinping also pledged to help France and other nations to combat terrorism. Other world leaders including those of countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait also mentioned their condolences to France. France will be getting support from many nations and their leaders after experiencing this terrorist attack. France is currently retaliating by sending bombers to the Middle East to attack ISIS targets. #PrayForParis #VivelaFrance


Where were you and what were you doing when the attacks on Paris happened? How did you find out about the attacks? What was the first thought that came into your mind?


“I was sitting on my couch after I had just came home from school when I got on twitter and saw what had been happening. I was so surprised I had to turn on the TV to make sure. All I could think about was how something so tragic could happen in a place such as Paris”

-Frederick Ramirez

“I was at home on my phone while I was taking care of my little brother when I happened to pass by this post on Tumblr about the attacks. I almost couldn’t believe what was happening over there. It’s scary to know that could have happened at any time.”

-Chelsea Gonzalez

“So I was at home doing my homework when my friend started messaging me freaking out. He had told me about what happened in Paris. I thought it was crazy and unbelievable. I continued on with my homework but it was scary to think about the attacks that had happened.”

-Omar Cacho

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