By Gabriela Sandoval

            Friday the 13th is often associated with Halloween and bad luck, this year it was far worse than witches and ghouls. The world watched in horror as ISIS attacked several countries at once on November 13, 2015. Lebanon, capital of Beirut, was attacked on November 14, 2015. This Middle Eastern country is located just north of Israel. According to Lebanese officials and several news reports, two explosions hit the southern suburb of Beirut and killed at least 45 people and injured more than 200. Freshman, Mike Morales called it a tragedy saying, “It was sad that no one cared much about them because they’re a poor country.” The first explosion at 6:00 p.m. brought a crowd of onlookers and the second detonated just 100 feet away shortly after. The Lebanese army said in a statement that the body of a third bomber had been found near one of the blast sites but his explosives belt was still intact.

            Lebanese reporters from The Daily Star indicate that the explosions were caused by suicide bombers. According to Lebanon’s interior minister, the three bombers were traveling by foot and wearing explosive vests. Although ISIS claimed credit for the destruction, it’s yet to be confirmed whether they had anything to do with it. Junior, Paula Morales feels that ISIS has become a threat, “especially after what happened in San Bernardino, I feel that was an act of terrorism in America.”

            Lebanon is currently housing 1 million Syrian refugees. This is the second terrorist attack claimed by ISIS out of 18 in in the last 30 months. Other Sunni militant groups have been bombing Lebanon for the past year and a half out of revenge for the intervention by the Lebanon-based Shiite militia Hezbollah in the Syrian civil war. Hezbollah is providing critical support for the Syrian government. Many Syrian refugees now fear that based on the recent attacks, European countries will be less open to receiving refugees for shelter.

            One man’s story is being picked up by local and social media and has many calling him a hero. According to Public Radio International, after witnessing the first attack Adel Termos tackled the second oncoming suicide bomber causing him to detonate. People have shown their respect all over the world. His wife and children mourned his loss on Friday while hundreds of families owe their lives to his sacrifice. The government declared Friday 13th a day of national mourning and announced that schools would be closed.


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