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By Sheila Figueroa

Many sports fans put a special image on their favorite players from wholesome to hardworking. Though this may be true for some athletes others are far from super human. These are the Top Eight Most Controversial Athletes.

1.     Lance Armstrong: Lance Armstrong as you might already know was a seven time winning Tour De France cyclist. He inspired many people when he came out with his personal story of overcoming testicular cancer. Various fans of his described him as “an all-American hero.” Then came the scandal. The public was outraged and disappointed when they found out that Armstrong was discovered to have used steroids this whole time. He was stripped of his Tour De France titles, forced to step down from his Livestrong foundation which he created to fight testicular cancer, and lost countless endorsements.

2.     Michael Vick: Michael Vick was a former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, was found guilty of dogfighting which led him to being sentenced to 23 months in prison. There was a 19 page indictment that said “He attended fights and paid off bets when his dog lost.” It also said that he was involved in the EXECUTION of dogs who did not perform well. Vick was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles, after his release, and is currently a free agent.

3.     Mike Tyson: Mike became known for his misdeeds rather than his athletic achievement. In 1992, Tyson was convicted of rape and spent three years in jail, though, he was originally sentenced to10 years. After returning to the ring in 1997, Tyson bit off 1 inch of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a boxing match which made headlines.

4.     Dennis Rodman: Rodman a former Chicago Bulls player, stirred up controversy when he made two trips to North Korea. During those trips, he was photographed acting all chummy with Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un. However Rodman was already causing controversy even before he set foot in North Koreas land. From dying his hair crazy colors to wearing a wedding dress in public. Many people said he was more of a “showbiz athlete” than an actual athlete.

5.     Barry Bonds: Bonds was once described as “the greatest baseball player of all time.”  Right up until everyone found out of his steroid use, which cast a shadow over his achievements. The New Yorker magazine described Barry as “belligerent and unapologetic for his perceived misdeeds.” During Bonds’ trial, he was accused of lying under oath about his steroid use. This scandal sullied Bonds career.

6.     Mark McGwire: A baseball player who enraptured millions in 1998 when he became victorious in his quest to break the homerun record became embroiled in a steroid scandal. He admitted to taking performing enhancing drugs and supplements such as growth hormones. Mark claimed they were for “health purposes”. McGwire was among a number of high profiled baseball players who either admitted to taking steroids or were accused of taking steroids.

7.     Tiger Woods: Woods just as any other athlete on this list used to be an inspirational figure to many, his image came crumbling down during a public sex scandal that destroyed his marriage. Woods eventually admitted on cheating on his then wife Elin Nordegren. After that, many women spoke out, having said that they had an affair with Tiger Woods. In fact, there was even a whole South Park episode dedicated to Wood’s cheating ways.

8.     John McEnroe: John is a tennis plyer who is mostly known for his rude attitude towards his opponents rather than his actual tennis skills. McEnroe insults opponents’ playing and becomes enraged on the court using foul language.

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