By: Albert Cardenas

Ensuing the bloody terrorist attack in Paris, the atmosphere of presidential candidacy has been amplified as political commentators have been asking each candidate what their strategy for defeating it is. Ben Carson, candidate for the Republican Party, plans to align himself with the hacktivist group Anonymous. Anonymous is a global gathering of online activists or “digital Robin Hoods” who are dedicated to preventing oppressive governments.

            Ben Carson says there are already “multiple Twitter accounts on Twitter” and that they should not be shut down, but rather keep them up. “Anonymous has already provided a model for accomplishing” Carson says. There is a proliferation of macabre execution videos and images, and Carson believes that ISIS should not have the power to do so. His plan then, is to use Anonymous as a tool to disrupt the communications ISIS currently has and to promote a “multi-pronged communications strategy”. While ISIS continues to launch attacks worldwide, there has actually been some minor impacts felt by ISIS on the internet. Anonymous has already helped put a halt to the growing number of ISIS related Twitter accounts, and there is belief that they shall continue to bar ISIS from spreading in the digital realm. 

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