By Sheyla Figueroa

It was October 14, 2015 when Lamar Odom was found outside the Love Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada with foam and goo coming out of his mouth and nose. Sources say Lamar suffered from a minor stroke before going unconscious. Doctors who are treating Lamar say that “virtually every drug imaginable was found in his system.” His case is now being treated as a drug overdose. The person who called the 911 dispatcher reported Lamar doing cocaine and taking sexual enhancers.

 Odom spent 14 seasons in the NBA, starting off with that Clippers and being a key figure in 2009 and 2010 when he played with the Los Angeles Lakers, winning the NBA Finals in both seasons. Odom’s career ended with New York Knicks in 2015. The team released him for lack of professionalism.

  Lamar has recently shown signs of improvement, but no one really knows when, or if, he will fully recover, or what will happen to his career when he does.

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