By Ivette Alvarez

Skysurfing is a type of skydiving sport. Skysurfing was invented by two French skydivers, Dominique Jacquet and Jean Pascal. It was invented in 1986 and soon became popular during the 1990s. The rise of skysurfing coincide with other new-age disciplines in skydiving like “freestyle” and “free falling”.

The person who is going to sky surf needs to wear a board attached to her or his feet and perform surfing style aerobatics during a freefall. “Aerobatics” is the art, or technique, of performing stunts. The board for skysurfing looks like a snowboard or a large skateboard. There are many techniques for skysurfing for beginners and intermediate surfers. One technique for skysurfing involves standing upright on the board and balancing on it during freefall. With this position, the surfer then tilts forward to generate movement. Yet even a simple technique like this is very difficult to master.

 The difficulty in skysurfing comes from extra drag of the board which tends to upset balance and make the surfer flip over. The surfer must be able to control the board and their body position in order for his/her parachute to open properly. Along with position of themselves and drag of the board, sky surfers must also prevent blood from pooling at the ends of their limbs. This is done by wrapping ace bandages, which reduce the flow of blood, all the way up their arms and legs. Skysurfing is a sport that requires skill and practice.

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