By: Dennis Hernandez

Despite engaging in rigorous academics, a group of friends have found the time to create DavidTown FC, or DTFC, an official soccer team outside of school.

We interviewed DTFC’s co-owner, captain, and coach, senior David Alvarado. We asked him “What is the name of your team and why did you choose it?” He told us that DavidTown already existed, and that prior to becoming a soccer team, it was simply a group of friends. These friends include seniors Diego Yanez and Alfredo Machado who are very passionate about soccer and decided to pursue this passion of creating a soccer team last summer. The name of that organization is after David Alvarado, who is the nucleus of the group. They have played in two official games, resulting in one tie and one loss. However, David said, “We look forward to this Sunday as we believe the 3rd time is the charm”. The game was held on the first of November and was their third official game but second with a new league since David says “we switched to a better, more organized league in Long Beach”.

 David admitted that although there are a lot of responsibilities, he doesn’t feel too pressured. He responded saying “I know my teammates have faith in me and I in my teammates. We are all on the same page.” David acknowledged that there are a few things he must “take care of” such as “washing uniforms, formations, and taking every player’s advice and using it to better the team.” David sees the team “only going up” and has even added two new coaches. “Two new coaches we recently got will make their first appearance this Thursday at practice and I expect nothing but the best from these coaches because they are veteran coaches and have even coached second division teams.”

Team star Diego Yanez recently tore is ligament on the 21st of October. Please wish this Ram the best of luck on a speedy recovery.

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