By Lizbeth Villanueva

Is it a right to clone animals that have died out? Should we consider bringing them back when they died out?  We have all seen Jurassic Park and its ending, but that’s not stopping a group of Russian and Korean scientists who have begun a cloning project resurrect the Woolly Mammoth! This cloning project is being led by cloning scientist Hwang Woo-Suk. The scientist acquired DNA from a mammoth that was found frozen. They plan to unfreeze it and take the DNA from the leg. A scientist said if the DNA samples from the leg are good and we could be hearing about the world’s first cloned Woolly Mammoth in about one to two years.

       If this experiment succeeds, it would change many things. Mammoth’s lived in the world’s iciest places. Not only that, but they’re big mammals which means they need a big area. And where exactly would that be? Our ice is said to be melting in Canada and Alaska. So why are we even bringing these animals back now? Is the world ready for the return of the Mammoth?

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