By Gabrielle Sandoval

        In an effort to recapture the popularity it once had, Playboy announced its decision to get rid of nudity from their iconic magazine after 62 years. This redesign of the Playboy magazine is part of an effort to modernize Playboy and make it safer for work spaces. The new Playboy plans to incorporate a sex column with sex advice, as well as investigative journalism about the Playboy models to get an inside look at their careers and lives. The goal is to make the magazine more appealing to young professional men. It’s true that sex sells, but with present day technology offering people free porn left and right, new and innovative ways are needed to increase magazine sales. This change is coming a year after Playboy re-launched its website without nudity, which lead to a 250% spike in viewers. Playboy CEO Scott Flanders stated that he didn’t consider it “provocative to see nudity. In fact, it can actually limit our audience.” In an interesting turn of events, work as well as school internet filters will no longer be able to block the Playboy website, which will most likely increase viewership.

        This change in the Playboy magazine came with critics from other men in the erotica business. According to a transcript obtained by CNN, Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, called Hefner “old” and said “he lost his mind”. Flynt suggested that Playboy should instead reimagine its financial blueprint rather than the “silly move” of getting rid of nudity. Other critics are simply asking, “What’s a skin magazine without skin?” Nudity is what separated Playboy from any other magazine you could get while waiting in line at Target, but now that has all changed. It’s hard to tell if Playboy will still represent the sexual freedom that made it so popular 50 years ago. Whatever the case may be, we’ll find out next March when the first nudity-free issue of Playboy hits the shelves.

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