By: Vanilla THUNDR (a Creepypasta tribute)

He went through the dirt path that he often took to go to school. His father would go hunting, but today was different. He thought of not going to school, but he knew his dad demanded that he does. His dad never thought that it would be dangerous for him to walk through these woods defenseless, he never considered that he could get raped, mugged or killed by wildlife. Today on his walk to school, he noticed these human like creatures following him, their eyes glued to his every move. These creatures were gray and hallow with infant-like hands that had claws sticking out. They were what he would call monsters.

Ever since he first noticed them they have been following him. The stress of being watched every hour of the day caused him to lose his appetite and made him feel empty, lifeless. One day, on his way back to school he stopped several times to vomit but nothing would come out. Suddenly, he heard a crunching sound. He turned around to find a man with a scraggly beard. He looked around for one of his old paths but was too late to try and make a break for it. The man told the boy not to scream. He told him to take off his backpack. The boy, now sobbing, did as he was told.

The man told him that he wouldn’t need that where he was going. Before the man got close enough, there was thunder, like the sound of a battle horn that stopped the man in his tracks. The creatures that had been following the boy suddenly appeared and threw the man off of him. They picked the old man up with their infant-like hands. The creatures’ hands had opened up showing mouths that soon ripped the man apart. The sharpness of their hand’s teeth diced the man into bits, as he heard similar screams all around him. He, once again, heard the thunder that sounded like a battle horn as the creatures began to leave.

Then he knew that they weren’t monsters, they saved him. He knew to call them The Hallows.

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