By: Stephanie Manquero

Consider adopting over 56 dogs; many people would say no right away and think you’re crazy for even thinking about it. Well, it didn’t sound too crazy for a couple in the UK. The couple lived in a four bedroom house, and managed to fit 56 dogs into such a cramped space. As if this wasn’t enough, the couple was simultaneously raising five children of their own. Now, add two cats and two birds to the equation. That’s a lot of mouths to feed, not to mention all the cleaning and keeping up. In total they had 60 animals living in their house. Talk about having your own farm. When an investigator was called to their house, they described encountering a stench so repulsing, it was an offense to the sense of smell. They were taken to court, and the domestic conditions that the animals were in were toxic on the children. Fortunately, the couple no longer has any responsibility over any of the animals or children. It’ll be eight years before they can inflict any harm to another animal. Let’s be glad they no longer have them.

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