By: Bryan Osegueda


     The Pittsburg Steelers claim there were coach-to-coach communication errors during their opening season game on Thursday night in New England. Most of the communication equipment, including the headsets for both teams experienced technical difficulties.

     The NFL took responsibility by saying that they control communication equipment. The Pittsburg Steelers however are not satisfied. They filed a complaint with the NFL about headset issues. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said that he heard New England’s transmission for the first half of the game. This prevented him from communicating with his staff during the game.

     The NFL admitted that when they found out about the communication problems, they were going to shut down the Patriot’s headsets. However the communication briefly came back to normal and the procedure did not occur. The NFL released a statement on Friday saying, “The home team is responsible for the installation and maintenance of that equipment.” The Patriot’s coach, Bill Belichick said, “…the communication system wasn’t very good. We deal with that, it seems weekly.” The NFL has to deal with the Steelers filing a complaint and hope that the communication errors don’t affect their future games.

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