2012 FBI Crime Stats
2012 FBI Crime Stats

By Michael Navia

The 2012 FBI Crime Statistics chart reveals criminal activity around the United States broken down by racial group. It shows how many people of each race are involved in each type of criminal act. The two races most involved/convicted of committing crimes are whites and blacks. According to an online source about 245,532,000 white people and 41.7 million black people make up the population of the U.S.

               Considering the chart, whites and blacks are the two main races committing crimes around the U.S. but the chart doesn’t show reasons why these people commit crimes. One should consider the environments in which a person lives and the disadvantages an individual has. Poverty affects three times as many blacks than whites. Although this does not justify criminal activity, these are the things that can lead a person to actually commit crimes because of the dilemmas they face.

               Overall the white race may be the majority of the crimes in the U.S. but it is because it coincides with the fact that they compose the largest percentage of the population in the U.S. And, if we just consider the chart, black people are committing crimes at a significantly higher percentage based on the size of their population, but all we have here is a chart with statistics and no reasons on why crime rates are high for either race. 

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