By Gabriela Sandoval

June 26, 2015. After long hardships, gay marriage in America has been officially legalized nationwide. The struggle for gay rights started in the 1970s and has become a prominent issue in the past decade. Although many states (38/50) legalized gay marriage independently, many states still denied gay people this right. With the Supreme Court’s ruling in June, it is now unconstitutional to deny people marriage under the fourteenth amendment. Many people all over the country are rejoicing – or not. Anastasia, 18, from Chicago, Illinois believes, “it paved the way for more social justice that is crucial in society today.”

 Other people however don’t see it as a milestone, Janna from California thinks more needs to be done, “I don’t care about gay marriage. White gay men are going to come back from their honeymoons and the Trans life expectancy will still be 23 and the largest homeless population will still be queer kids of color.”

The issue of gay marriage has brought up other controversies as well. Kim Davis has become a household name in American politics recently, refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples in the state of Kentucky. An anonymous person from Kentucky stated, “I myself am a bisexual female. I am very liberal. I believe that every human being on Earth should be able to marry the one they love, regardless of sex, age, or race.” Davis has been using religion as an excuse for her actions but people are stepping up to show that religion shouldn’t constitute hate. From Seattle, Washington, an anonymous teen stated, “I mean I’m only fifteen so I don’t know a lot about politics but I do know that I love God and God loves people whether they’re gay, straight, white, black, or anywhere in between.”

In a global view, Sophie from the UK states, “While I believe that the legalization of gay marriage is an incredible step towards equal rights, the fight for social equality worldwide, and even within countries where gay marriage has been legalized, is not over. We have to continue to work towards it in other ways.”

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