By Dennis Hernandez

South Gate’s one and only mighty mighty Rams squared off against opponent Bell for our Homecoming Game this year.

It was a very memorable game for various reasons. Our powerhouse Rams made great plays and revealed strong teamwork which ultimately led them to victory in their 47-0 win over league rival Bell. The Bell football team looked lost and did not stand a chance.

Despite the great showmanship of the game, it must be acknowledged that much of the SG vibe and pride came from the students, notably the seniors and juniors. This was due to the fact that there exists a fierce competition between class of 16’ and class of 17’. The seniors decided to show their pride as class of 16’ by creating a “Nick Head”. A “Nick Head is a giant headshot of senior Nickolas Zuniga. Nick is school spirited person, and so many seniors decided to create the “Nick Head”. Nick became a symbol of pride, and along with the Nick Head was lots of spirit lifting chanting.

The Homecoming game was a win-win for both the students and players.

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