By Gabriela Sandoval

The internet was taken by storm this past July when a loved and well-known lion was fatally shot in Zimbabwe. Walter Palmer, an American dentist, killed the 13- year old Cecil, when the illegal party of big game hunters that he was with lured Cecil away from the Hwange Game Reserve. Since then, Palmer has been facing much public anger on his social media about the death of Cecil.


Palmer reportedly paid his guides $55,000 to track the lion, which they proceeded to then shoot an arrow at and left the lion injured for two days before they fatally shot it. After the surplus of online hate Palmer responded that he had no idea Cecil the lion was a “known, local favorite.”


According to the country’s environmental minister, Palmer will not be facing any charges.

Although this may come as a shock to the many who felt outrage over the killing of Cecil, it appears that there was no legal groundwork for which to press charges. Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri told reporters that Palmer had all necessary papers filled out to hunt at Hwange National Park. To ease the tension surrounding the issue, Muchinguri-Kashiri let reporters know that Palmer would not be allowed back in Zimbabwe as anything more than a tourist.