• Letter to the Editors

    As a thank you for sharing her story, Gloria Meza wrote to us. Be sure to read her story here: https://sghsrambler.com/2019/03/12/the-glory-within-resilience/

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  • #ThisIsNotConsent

    This controversial court decision has sparked an enormous outrage in Ireland’s republic. In Dublin, women have hung underwear on clotheslines along sidewalks. In Cork, protestors laid lingerie on the steps of the courthouse.

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  • Letter to the Editors

    To the Editor:
    First, as a teacher, I love when the Rambler addresses issues people think teens would never find interesting. The teachers’ strike affected students most of all, so it’s not surprising that you, our student journalists, would include coverage in the Rambler.

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  • Episode V: The Teachers Strike Back

    “Tell me what democracy looks like!” Ms. Barkley yelled.

    “This is what democracy looks like!” triumphantly answered the crowd. 

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  • “This is What Democracy Looks Like!”

    “During the strike, I felt nothing less than empowered. We were out there in numbers. There were members in the South Gate community who stopped by to ask questions and wanted to know our reasons for striking. Those folks had a feeling that what they saw in the news was distorted. They found out that it was.” Mr. Martinez

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  • Constitutional Contentions

    In 1868, the 14thAmendment of the U.S. Constitution was ratified with the intent to grant newly freed slaves the rights other citizens in the United States had.

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  • A New Principle, A New Direction

    This 2018-2019 school year has kicked off with a new member in our Ram family, Principal Mr. Leo Gonzalez.

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Attention all underclassmen! If you want to join next years journalism staff and write for the Rambler, pick up an application in Ms. Garcia’s room, room 158. Due May 10th!

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